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brady visuals

kyle brady | photographer/videographer | hamilton, nj

Photos from our recent 11-day trip down to Florida to celebrate birthdays and graduations, show the kids some "magic" at disneyworld, and attend / livestream / be a groomsman in my first cousin and next-door-neighbor-growing-up's wedding over on the west coast in St Petersburg, a lovely little place*.  We even encountered some REAL magic over in Diagon Alley! (Which was truly incredible. Bravo.)

Side Note: It was recently exposed that my wife's biggest "gripe" with me is that I take too many pictures (a claim originated during a bachelorette party game for the aforementioned St Pete wedding). Now I do not deny this accusation whatsoever. With that said, I have gotten much better at limiting the number of "photo shoot sessions" themselves, being cognizant to take in more and more experiences camera-free. Problem remains is that when I do start shooting, I tend to shoot a high volume, mostly just to try out new or different shooting ideas, and try to get the best photos possible. So, sorry for the sheer volume of pictures from the trip, but not sorry because my kids are amazing young humans and I love watching them grow up, oftentimes through the lens of a camera. And I'm certain they'll appreciate having all of these photos someday. I will.  

* - think both Hangover 2 locations, but with a Long John Silver's.

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