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"As an artistic medium, photography brings joy to my life and provides a way to preserve and recall more of my past. Whatever brought you here, I genuinely appreciate you stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit."

July 2020:

7/21/20 - In the midst of yet another super memorable and enjoyable family vacation, this time in our favorite Jersey Shore location, Long Beach Island. It's extra special considering the quarantine over the last few months, so really nice to have a change of scenery (and of course some time off work) to unwind and enjoy our time together. Here's the album showcasing our days at the beach, bay sunsets (including on a pirate ship cruise), and other misc activities we got into throughout our week. As of this writing, we're exactly halfway through, so looking forward to more fun ahead!

7/4/20 - Happy Birthday America! Also, Happy Birthday Rowan! Our little princess turned 4 yesterday, and we've been celebrating her nonstop. From a perfectly chill July 3rd (just as she likes it) to a perfectly royal Princess Tea Party on the 4th, our angel was treated to a magical weekend as she continues to grow up too quickly right before our eyes. We love you so much Princess Rowan!

June 2020:

6/26/20 - After needing to work during the first 3 or 4 beach days of the year, Daddy was finally able to take a day and join the gang as we enjoyed our first whole-family beach day of the summer in Belmar, NJ. Plenty more to come as we look forward to a full week in LBI next month, but will likely squeeze in another day trip or 2 before then.  

6/13/20 - A memorable weekend taking advantage of some gorgeous weather (low 70s and Sunny) along with the re-opening of just enough businesses to feel semi-normal again. Ventured north to the "Upper" part of Bucks County where we took a step back in time and watched aircraft from years gone by take off and fly around the Van Sant Historic Airfield. Truly an experience that made memories!

6/11/20 - It's a TRIFECTA of "Birthdays" today, as we celebrate Nana (64), Ana (27), and Dylan (1 Month)!

The day started with a special breakfast of chocolate croissants, scrambled eggs, and strawberries picked up the kids last week. We presented gifts to Ana, held our first monthly baby photoshoot, and prepared for the evening party. Very thankful to have reason to celebrate amongst the turmoil happening around the world. 

May 2020:

5/28/20 - Can't let the entire month of May go by without checking in, especially considering the life-altering events that have occurred in just the past 4 weeks...

This past Monday,  the 25th, we managed to celebrate Memorial Day, albeit a bit different these days, cuz of ya know, the... 

Birth of our 3rd child, and 2nd daughter, Dylan Rae on May 11th.

....and yes, the "darn virus" (as my mother and children refer to it), is still around. Life is dynamically different than it was just a few short months ago, especially while I've been on paternity leave from work. That ends this week so I'm back to working (from home) this Monday, the first of June. Instead of returning to my old position though, I come back into a new leadership position, my first official managerial role in my now 12.5-year career.  I just officially received this position only last week, while on leave, without going back to a physical office, so it's gonna be interesting. Will be a good challenge though. I really needed some more of those these days...

In addition to the baby, we have also added a 6th to our growing household. Just 3 days after returning from the hospital following Dylan's birth, we welcomed Ana, our au pair hailing from Brazil, into our home and family. Ana will spend the next year (+?) with us and we're so excited to have her! 

We were turned on to the au pair program through our close friends, and, after a long-enough quarantine, were able to get the families together for a mid-day "play date" (in actual live three-dimensional reality, sharing a co-located space. oh my!).

The au pair girls were thrilled to meet in person and our family, Marissa especially, was reminded of what "normal" used to feel like. It's gonna be so glorious when it's possible again, but doubt we've done enough to get there anytime soon. In the meantime, we'll keep getting together with a trusted few. That will make things better. Til next time...

April 2020:

4/10/20 - Getting used to "shelter-at-home" life and coming to terms with a new normal. Despite all the craziness going on in the world, I feel optimistic on the future of humanity and the opportunities this change brings to our society.  

After all, after the rain, there's always a chance for some Rainbows and Puddle-jumping.

March 2020:

3/14/20 - For historical record - we're officially dealing with a global pandemic, the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. As a result, we're undertaking a worldwide strategy known as "Social Distancing" to attempt containment and mitigation of the spread of the virus. It's affecting our entire planet and our ways of life. Events are canceled, schools are closed, people are working from home where possible, or quite possibly losing their jobs. 

It's historic times right now and still yet to be seen what the ultimate impact will be. (edit: been shooting a lot being home all the time....not very thematic just yet but here's the Quarantine album...) 

Anyone reading this, stay safe, be smart, and most of all, don't feel embarrassed or annoyed by the extreme measures we're all taking to defeat this thing. It's a great reminder that we are all one species susceptible to the same common enemy, and one can only hope that we come out stronger and more united on the other side. Godspeed to us all. 

----------------------------------------Pre-Pandemic Divider---------------------------------------------------

2020 is quickly underway and in full swing as we head into the 3rd month of the new decade. Started things off very well with Cousin Mia's 3rd Birthday Party, a popular event lately as we'll have been to a full SEVEN! (7) birthday parties in the latter part of Feb and into mid-March. Meanwhile, the weather continues to seem promising of an early Sprint, as seen in our early March Midwinter's Day at the Park, while St Patrick's Day is right around the corner. This season our au pair, Ana, arrives from Brazil, then our 3rd baby is born, and we adjust to life with 6 in the house! Gonna be an exciting year, and enjoying the resurrection of photography along with it. Please enjoy our memories and thanks for stopping by, "Planet Earth". 

February 2020:

This month we celebrate "Love and Birthdays", starting with Aunt Eesh on the 5th, Valentine's on the 14th, and Washington and Lincoln on the 17th. Oh, and mommy Marissa that day too :)

This year we took advantage of the long President's Day / Valentine's weekend to celebrate our family's matriarch, first with a steak and lobster Valentine's dinner with extended family, then a Sunday filled with puppy-visit fun and chocolate covered strawberries, and finally a Monday exploration of the "castle" town of Doylestown, PA, home of the Mercer Museum, Fonthill, and most critically, Kids Castle, along with a delicious brunch at historic Doylestown Inn. That's a place we'll definitely be visiting again!

January 2020:

Hello from our new residence in beautiful Washington Crossing, Bucks County, Pennsylvania!

We moved quickly last month just in time for the 2019 holiday season, which were a perfect deadline to get unpacked as well as an opportunity to host family and friends in the new house. Now that the New Year (Decade) has turned, we're firmly settled here and back into our routine. It immediately felt like home. 

Writing this during MLK weekend, our first here to kind of just relax and enjoy things. Saturday we had our First Snow Day since living here, something we were very excited for given the property, and boy did we take full advantage! Hudson and Daddy were out for a solid 4+ hours straight, with Rowan joining the fun for a bit to get some sleigh rides and shoveling in as well. Sunday is for straightening up and cleaning, then hosting family for some dinner, NFL conference championship games, and play time for the kids and cousin Mia (including some Cupcake decorating fun!). 

Hoping to pick up the pace with photos and video in 2020, which slowed down tremendously during the move and also since the Office is the last room to be put together. Today's cleanup should help a bit with that. 

Wishing everyone a happy and successful 2020, and may we have another "Roaring 20s", just without the depression at the end!

Throwback Albums:

Last 2019 Snow Day

Camden Aquarium - January 2019

Christmas 2018

October / November 2019:


This whole "life" thing really isn't for the faint of heart, is it?

Only 4 short months after we backed out of a huge home purchase decision and agreed to live our best life in our current home, we were pushed to reconsider things yet again. In case you didn't click on the "Spooky" announcement, then here it is....we're having another baby! Quite the surprise indeed, and since we already have one of each, might as well make this one a double surprise! Can't wait to meet her, or him, next May! :)

 So yes, while our Hamilton house is great and it's served us incredibly well, adding another family member pushed us over the top to finally relocate once and for all. It's bittersweet leaving our home, but we're also ready and excited to begin the next journey in our new home, in a new state, with lots of changes and opportunities that come along with it. 

In addition to the big news, this month was dominated by another super fun, extended Halloween holiday, where we successfully pulled off a family-themed costume for the 4th year in a row (and watched Hocus Pocus 74 times and counting). Throughout the Fall seasonwe also made it back to the Candytopia candy museum for the 2nd straight year (this time in Center City Philadelphia), braved the elements and time of day to watch in awe as our super mommy/wifey completed the incredibly difficult Princeton Half Marathon, her first ever half, while 12 weeks pregnant, starting at 7am on a frosty, frozen first Sunday in November. Incredible!

So yeah, quite the roller coaster. Let's keep it moving! Or don't, since we now know the meaning of life. Cheers.

Throw-Back albums:

- 2018 - Halloween 18

- 2018 - Candytopia NYC

- 2017 - Halloween 17

- 2016 - Halloween 16

bonus: British Bubbles from my London trip 1 year ago

September 2019:

It's official - we have a Kindergartner! Elementary school is upon us with Hudson beginning his public school journey along with another year at preschool for Rowan. 

Prior to the big "First Days", we took a spontanous Labor Day weekend trip to our special place, State College, PA, to see the Penn State Nittany Lions battle* the Idaho Vandals in the opening game of the 2019 college football season. It was our first home game since the kids were born so great to be back, even if it wasn't the best behaved weekend the kids have ever had... 

*battle may be a strong word, PSU won 79-7. we left at halftime when it was 44-0

August 2019:

August is a big month in the Brady house as it's both our 8th wedding Anniversary and Hudson's 5th birthday. Summer has been in full-swing and although we're feeling it winding down as autumn (our favorite season) approaches, we're continue to make the most of our lifestyle post-house-debacle and the happiness level is definitely on the upswing 😁 

Check out this year's Summer photos from beach days, outside play, hiking in Bucks County, and of course the big weekend in NYC!

August Throw-Back albums:

- 2015 - Hudson's 1st Birthday

- 2014 - Hudson's Birth

July 2019:

Uhhh, never mind....home purchase fell through! Too many issues came up and the universe definitely led us in a different direction. Ultimately, we had to re-assess what was important for our family at this time and realize that we have more important concerns than just our property size. We're going to stay where we are for the foreseeable future and remain flexible to make the most of things outside of our own living situation. 

In the meantime, we managed another getaway which had been planned for some time, to get back to Newport, Rhode Island. This trip was extra special because we combined the enjoyment of getting back to that place with the celebration of my Dad's 60th birthday, my daughter Rowan's 3rd birthday, and just the opportunity of vacationing together with an extended family. This is a great example of something we wouldn't have been able to do as freely with the expense of a new home. See, it's already paying off! 

June 2019:

Whoaaa....some things are happening. We bought a new (very old) house*. We're selling our current house, our first and only, the place where we started our family and the only home our kids have ever known.

Speaking of kids, Hudson just graduated from pre-school** and we still aren't really sure what he's doing for school in's complicated to say the least and we need to figure that out.

Rowan turns 3 in less than a week...going by so fast with her. Since we're moving, she will have to leave the aforementioned*** pre-school after just 1 year, a school we have found to be nothing less than remarkable in its quality and value. We're blessed to have experienced it at all, let alone for both kids and Hudson through graduation, and need to count it as a positive life experience. At least, taking that perspective lessens the sadness of pulling Rowan out now. 

All of the above was/is also wrapped around a recent loss in our family. This outcome had been reasonably expected for some time but it's never something you're truly prepared for. RIP Jimmy. 

Regardless, we persist. All the feels lately for sure...but overall it seems like a positive life direction. Feels like progress. 

*Well, not 100% officially but it should just be a matter of time. Why Old? The property and part of the structure date from the 18th century.

**At a ceremony that included the kids counting to at least 10 in 10 different languages. Wow!

***I don't write a ton, but when I do, I make every attempt to use this word. It's my favorite.

May 2019:

Wifey and I somehow managed TWO trips away without kids in the span of just over a month! For those keeping score, that's two more than we'd had in the prior 5 years. Wow...

This time I tagged along on Marissa's work trip to fabulous Las Vegas, where our highlight was far and away Valley of Fire State Park, where we had one of the best days in a long time hiking off-trail with a private guide. The strip was OK too, but this was a definite inspiration to do more adventure travel in the future. 

Hudson and I also went to a practice round of the 2019 PGA Championship, held at Bethpage Black. I jumped on a chance for tickets since I'd been there twice previously...first to play, which was incredible, and then again for the opening round of the 2009 US Open. Unfortunately, that day got completely rained out right after we arrive, and my Dad and I only got to see 4 golf shots hit for all our troubles getting there. Still, all memorable experiences at this place. 

March 2019:

It's been a slow winter for sure, with barely any snow to make things interesting. Oh well, Spring has sprung so we jumped right into a big travel month, with a family trip to Disney, followed by a partial-family return visit to Orlando with Grandpa. Finally, wifey and I get to attend a destination wedding in Rincon, Puerto Rico at the end of the month 😊 

So busy times indeed, but a great way to kick off the warmer weather seasons. As always, enjoy the photos!


Kyle's October 2018 trip to London for work...not a ton of shooting but had 1 afternoon to sightsee at least. 

North Carolina for Pop-Pop's 2nd funeral, with beach days tacked on

Our summertime vacation/Mommy-work-tagalong to Newport, Rhode of the best trips we've had in some time!

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