March 29th, 2014

Well, I'm back...from the other side of the world. Just this month I had the extremely fortunate chance to travel back to Asia for the second time, having been there first in Feb 2012. I've been working on a very high profile project at work and it's literally taking me around the world, to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo, then back to London again (for the second time in 5 months) in April.

As great as it sounds, I can truthfully say that after being there once before, my second visit to Asia was much less exciting and much more lonely than the first. It didn't have the same excitement that had come with a totally brand-new and "wow if I get lost here I may never get home" experience. Nope, definitely felt more like a business trip. That was, until the final night, Friday in Tokyo, when I got to fulfill my lifelong* dream of visiting the Robot Restaurant in Kabuki-cho , Tokyo. This one will be generating its own video for sure, as the footage I took was rollin-face-kinda-satisfying and I hope I can come anywhere close to reproducing that show for you to experience.

(*the lifetime of me hearing about the Robot Restaurant, circa. late 2013)

So it was mostly a business trip, lonely and long, but had a definite highlight to it. At the end of the day, I guess you can't really ask for more than that. I really try hard to not take any of it for granted - getting to travel to these places is something that has helped define my life to this point and makes me seem just a bit more interesting than I actually am.

Meanwhile, on a totally different note, I'm pleased to announce that my wife Marissa and I are expecting our first baby this August! It hasn't really set in for me yet but we find out the sex on Monday (come on boy!) and then I think things are gonna get real real quick. Having a baby is gonna make finding your way around Tokyo look like a cakewalk, which is why it's so cool. It's so important to venture out of your comfort zone to grow as a person, and I think parenthood is going to be the ultimate poster child for the uncomfortable. It's gonna be awesome :)

baby brady announcement

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